Burn-out Syndrome Therapy

Burn-out Syndrome Therapy seminar from the Mandel Institute is an Advanced Colourpuncture training course for people who have completed basic Professional Colourpuncture at Levels 1 and 2.

Burnout Syndrome therapy is a specialized training aimed for treating cases of “Burnout” and is an invaluable technique to learn for yourself, your family and your clients. It addresses the causes of Burnout syndrome which is marked by physical, emotional and spiritual exhaustion and ’emptiness’ and offers solutions with Colorpuncture, induction therapy and Crystal therapy. Considering that the levels of stress, pollution, performance pressure as well as internal and external demands just keep rising steeply with no indications of going down any time soon, this invaluable technique might well become a staple in your portfolio of therapies.

Outline of Burn-out Syndrome Therapy seminar:

  • Definition and Peter Mandel’s understanding of causes and features of Burn-out syndrome
  • Different features to look for in Kirlian pictures of Burn-out patients
  • Case history
  • Peter Mandel’s concept of Burn-out syndrome
  • Introductory treatment for Burn-out syndrome with a choice of Esogetic therapeutic media: Acupuncture, Piezo-impulse therapy, Colourpuncture in spectral and soul-spirit colours and Colourpuncture with an Esogetic Crystal Ball
  • Grey field Colorpuncture treatment
  • Easy to understand Neuroscience background and symptoms of Burn-out syndrome
  • Basic therapy with Colourpuncture, Acupuncture, Piezo-impulse therapy and Esogetic Point-induction therapy
  • Emotional intelligence, limbic system and belly brain involvement in development of  Burn-out syndrome
  • Esogetic dream zones and dream therapy solutions
  • Esogetic Induction therapy programs and combination options
  • Other therapy options and therapies combination possibilities for treating Burn-out syndrome
  • Different Colorpuncture information barrier therapy options
  • OGT
  • Esogetic Activator crystal and Element crystals protocols for Burn-out syndrome
  • Crystal-puncture options for treating Burn-out

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