Colourpuncture and Numerology

  • Esogetic Numerology System
  • Conversion table of modern numerology
  • Conversion table of the old Numerology
  • The Life Path
  • The Day number
  • The Number of Self-expression or Personality
  • The Number of psychic instinct
  • The conversion of the first name
  • The conversion of disease name
  • Therapy concepts
  • The Personality points
  • Daily individual information Hygiene
  • Personality points in Yang

  • Personality points in


  • Personality points on feet
  • The law of Numbers

  • Numerological therapeutic approach
  • The Sephiroth Tree (Tree of Life)

  • The Sephiroth Tree (Tree of Life)  on the body

  • Limitless light, Kether and 4 elements on the forehead

  • The Cosmic Reflection (Body, Soul and Spirit) on the front skull
  • Level of

    pain and

    body, Inner and Outer


  • The Esogetic Cosmic Pain Clock
  • The four principles of Esogetic (Body level, Exterior psyche, Inner psyche, the Spirit and Individual Program)
  • The four cosmic pain clocks on the skull
  • Numerology – Spine – Pain Clock
  • The Spine

  • C

    orrespondences Prenatal and skull

  • The colours of the Spine

  • The basic correspondences of the vertebrae of the spine

  • Skeleton Reflex Zone on top of the skull
  • Procedure for therapy
  • Conversion Table spine
  • Number, letter and correspondence on the prenatal line
  • Examples of Prenatal-Name
  • Therapy sequence
  • Exercise Sheet: Your Name!






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