Colourpuncture Therapy of Addictions

The first UK Colourpuncture Therapy of Addictions workshop will be held on the 2nd of December 2011 in South Manchester.

Colourpuncture light therapy of Addictions is a 1-day workshop in Advanced Colorpuncture from the International Mandel Institute.

A Level 1 (9 days) of Professional Colorpuncture training course or above  is a prerequisite for participation.

You will learn:

  • introduction to the principle of addiction
  • types of additions
  • reasons for developing additions
  • Limbic system, reward systems of the brain, and “memory of addiction”
  • rational and emotional intelligence
  • individual program, intellect and levels of consciousness
  • transcendence and Transmitter space
  • theory of information barrier
  • indications and treatments for C1, Th8 and coccyx barriers of the spine
  • addiction treatment via the Transmitter Relay
  • treatment of implicit coordination organs
  • planetary projection treatments in addiction therapy
  • Neptune principle in addiction therapy
  • grey fields, rhythms and I Ching in addiction therapy
  • basic reflex points of the ancestor’s therapy
  • male and female axis of ancestors reflection
  • 8 divine points on the skull
  • treatment of senses on the skull
  • colourpuncture and esogetic clocks treatments of 5 human senses
  • combination treatments of ear colourpuncture for smoking, alcohol and eating disorders
  • the 9 centers of Yin and Yang
Indications: any existing issues with substance or behavioral pattern addictions; family history of addictions; psychological and physical traumas during Prenatal period and childhood, especially involving experience of violence and abuse.
Therapeutic media: Spectral, soul-spirit and grey colours Colourpuncture; Point Induction therapy.
Find out more and join us for a day of Advanced Colourpuncture to enrich your therapeutic portfolio and help your clients create addiction-free lives!

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