Karma and Hara, the original grey patterns of Colourpuncture

Karma and Hara is an advanced training in Colourpuncture light therapy. It deals with de-ciphering your Karma, with Karma being – according to Peter Mandel – recognition, understanding of your daily deeds which ultimately leads to expansion of consciousness. The Hara field deals with all the energies available to us which we can summon in order to find our true center. Karma-Hara helps to liberate your individual program and let your life to unfold from a place of total authenticity. More on Karma and Hara

You are going to learn:

  • Location and therapy of Karma field
  • Visual and diagnostic indications for Colourpuncture Karma Hara treatment
  • Location and therapy of Hara field
  • The sequence of Karma-Hara therapy
  • Levels of hormonal coordination organs
  • Treatments of Pineal, Hypothalamus and Pituitary gland levels
  • Connection with I Ching in the ‘Cone of Life’
  • Treatment of center of the integrated soul

Therapy media you are going to use:

We use piezo (if you are trained in Acupuncture you will be using needles), acu point massage, Grey colours and Soul-Spirit colours. Induction therapy – Synapsis Point – can also be used successfully.

Indications for Karma-Hara treatment:

  • Lost information about life
  • Lost life direction
  • People who give up
  • People who don’t find a solution
  • People who constantly complain about everything
  • Any laterality signs on level of the EEA, Iris, face, body
  • Problems with Pineal or Pituitary glands as well as Hypothalamus

You need to come if you practice: colourpuncture light therapy, meditation, metacognition, counselling, psychoanalysis or would like to enhance emotional self-awareness.

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