Point Induction Therapy

Next Point Induction Therapy workshop: please contact us on info@time4changeltd.com now this group is being scheduled.

Point Induction Therapy is a 1 day CPD (Continuous Professional Development) workshop for Colourpuncture graduates. Induction therapy by Peter Mandel uses usual brain frequencies – brain waves – alpha, beta, delta and theta generated by Synapsis Point to gently remind the body of its natural harmonious vibration – rhythms – which might have been lost due to prolonged periods of illness, stress, past or recent trauma, overwork, looking after children, working night shifts etc.  Colourpuncture in soul-spirit colours is also used in Point Induction Therapy treatments.

Point Induction Therapy: Brain Rhythms and Soul-Spirit Colours Colourpuncture
Point Induction Therapy and Soul-Spirit Colourpuncture


  • The discovery of the brain currents and Electroencephalography
  • The control of the unconscious and bio-feedback research
  • Stress – from survival factor to a health problem
  • Ground regulation system according to Pischinger
  • The point-oriented induction regulation therapy
  • The four wavepoints according to Robert Füß
  • Introduction to Auricular Therapy: anatomy and terms
  • Important points of Ear Acupuncture and their classic indications
  • The 60 points of the reflex zone „ear“
  • Treatment of the Function Circle Kidney/Bladder and Lung/Large Intestine
  • Treatment of the Function Circle Spleen-Pancreas/Stomach
  • Overview of the joint points in the ear
  • General joint diseases + affected joint
  • Induction Regulation therapy and the YNSA, The Yamamoto New Skull Acupuncture
  • Therapy examples: Affliction of the medial meniscus, Thoracic spine syndrome, Cervical migraine
  • The protocol of the Induction Regulation therapy
  • The basic skin zones of the wavepoints
  • The wavepoints on the top of the skull
  • The four segments of the ETD – topography and the four segments of the Esogetic Pain Clock
  • The wavepoints Soul – Energy and Body – Matter
  • Life Stream Reflex Zone on body and on the top of the skull
  • The focal zones in connection with the four brain rhythms
  • The drainage points on the head
  • The drainage points of the pelvis
  • Induction therapy for various esogetic ellipses
  • Introduction into Induction Program applications: relaxation, sleep, stress, depression, learning, memory etc

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One thought on “Point Induction Therapy

  1. Dear Peter,
    I trust this mail finds you well.
    I am Principal of The College of Auricular Acupuncture, based in London and have been introduced to Colourpuncture, as regions of the ear resonate at specific frequencies as organs meridians and points I would be very interested in taking one of your courses.
    I would also like to work with you to see if Colourpuncture could be used to treat specific areas of the ear or specific points, and find a way of introducing an Auricular colourpuncture course.
    Next time you are in London It would be good to meet up for coffee and a chat.
    Best regards.
    Jonathan Tarr

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