Symbol Dream Workshop advanced

Symbol Dream workshop advanced is a CPD (continuous professional development) event in Esogetic Dream therapy for Professional Colourpuncture graduates.

On your Symbol Dream workshop in Advanced Colourpuncture you will learn:

  • sectors of Asclepius on the skin
  • interplay between emotional and cognitive brain in Dream therapy
  • principle of ‘mediator’
  • energetic channel of development
  • pineal, hypothalamus and pituitary roles and points in the Facial Grid
  • projection of the spine in the Facial Grid
  • hypothalamus points in Pain clock and Melatonin rhombus
  • Mercury rhombus and the Rhombi on the top of the skull
  • trifold information points and rhombi
  • points of 10 classical planets in Pain clock and Sun-Pluto principle
  • forehead skin zones according to Carl Huter
  • classic planetary symbols on forehead
  • energy fields freedom and feeling
  • the generators of Life Force
  • the symbol planets in the Tree of Life
  • the barrier of knowledge
  • the Key points
  • skin dream zones of 10 classical planets
  • double pentagram of the forehead
  • dream symbolism

Symbol Dream workshop advanced

Entry requirements: completion of Professional Colourpuncture training course

Recommended reading: ‘Dream yourself free’ by Peter Mandel (part of the Dream set)

Recommended tools: Dream set, Perlux 117 and flat focus set, crystalpuncture tattoos, Esogetic Oil. Optional: Synapsis Point for Induction therapy

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