Transmitter Relays

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Transmitter Relays from the Mandel Institute is an Advanced training for existing therapists of Colourpuncture or for people who completed our Professional Colourpuncture course.

Transmitter Relays is one of the most  famous therapies by Peter Mandel and needs no introduction. It gives you a unique chance to expand your consciousness and confidently deal with any ‘undigested’ information clusters which we all accumulate as we go through our lives. By revisiting and clearing the area of our central and peripheral memory from 0 to 25 it will have the effect of deep-cleansing your entire life span.

Transmitter Relays seminar content:

Peter Mandel’s concept of the Transmitter Relays therapy
Relationship of the soul/spirit principle to matter
Connections in Esogetic model
Spirit/matter symbiosis
Stress and informational flow
The role of a therapist in Transmitter Relays therapy
Transcendence, consciousness and the Transmitter Relays
The projection of the 7 Transmitter Relays on the front and back
The “double cone” on the front and back of the body
The connection between the first Transmitter Relay and the human brain
The first Transmitter Relay, theory and practice of the therapy
The origin of the seed layer lines
Practical examples on the therapy
The therapy sequences
Medical questionnaire on the Transmitter Relay therapy

Recommended equipment: Colourpuncture light set, soul-spirit colours, grey colours, crystal puncture tattoos, Colourpuncture surface treatment set for Connective tissue massage workshop. 

Recommended reading: ‘Sense and nonsense of sickness and pain’ and ‘Textbook of the OGT’ by Peter Mandel

Colourpuncture training entry requirements: good background knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology. Please contact us if you need advice.

CPD entry requirements: Professional training in Colourpuncture and some practical experience in giving and receiving Colourpuncture are prerequisites for participation in most Colourpuncture CPD. However, there are exceptions, please contact us if you need a particular CPD and you did not do a full training in Colourpuncture with us or any other Colourpuncture organization. It is highly advisable to privately receive full Transmitter Relay Therapy before taking Before attending Transmitter Relays Therapy seminar as a student.

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