Auricular Colourpuncture Part 1: Cause-effect-consequence and 5 elements

‘Cause-Effect-Consequence and 5 Elements’ is Part 1 of Auricular Colourpuncture Short Training Course. A follow up to this 2 days course is Auricular Colourpuncture Part 2 ‘Shadows of Life’. Next training date for Part 1: TBC. Next date for Part 2: TBC. Please register your interest: leave your comment on this page. Contact us on if you have further questions. Both groups are now being scheduled for 2015.

  • Introduction to Esogetic Colourpuncture light therapy
  • Esogetic model: Body Systems, Brain Coordination, Chakras, Formative Field, Converters and Transmitter Relays
  • Colourpuncture light therapy concepts
  • Therapeutic media of Esogetics for Auricular Colourpuncture
  • Diagnostic assessment in Colourpuncture light therapy
  • Working with lines in Colourpuncture: face lines for balancing the elements
  • Working with points and colours in Colourpuncture: Coordination 10
  • Dream work: independent and supporting therapy
  • Dream work ‘Consciousness Expansion Zones’ (Esogetic Oil, Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Introduction to Esogetic Crystals:  independent and supporting therapy
  • Treatments for senses and centering/conflict resolution (Polarity crystals)
  • The framework of life, explicit and implicit
  • Abdominal and cranial brain
  • Polarity and Laterality overview
  • Polarity treatment: Th8, ‘Information barrier’ of the ear (Ultraviolet-puncture)
  • Basic Laterality treatment (Grey Colours Colourpunture)
  • Basic patterns overview
  • Endocrine basic pattern overview
  • Reaction test endocrine insufficiency
  • Coordination 7 or Ear coordination
  • Toxic basic pattern overview
  • General lymphatic drainage points
  • Pain therapy based on Chinese points on the scalp around the ear (Colourpuncture and Crystalpuncture)
  • Degenerative basic pattern overview
  • Reaction test medulla point
  • Overview of conflict in health and disease
  • Conflict reaction test (pain ellipse and conflict lines)
  • Small conflict resolution on ears
  • Conflict reaction test (the Esogetic points of memory)
  • Point 12 and the expansion of the reflex areas, the central point of Esogetics
  • Cause-effect-consequence principle (3 basic patterns of Esogetics)
  • Principle of the Function Circles based on Chinese 5 elements
  • Thumb diagnostic and relationship with teeth
  • Physiognomy Diagnostic of Function Circles
  • Reaction test/test points for the Function Circles on the face
  • Function Circles points in the Ear (Crystalpuncture)
  • Function Circles in Ear/Shadow Ear for Kidney/Bladder, Liver/Gall Bladder, Lung/Large Intestine, Stomach/Pancreas/Spleen, Heart/Small Intestine (Point Induction, Soul-Spirit Colourpuncture)

Auricular Colourpuncture treatments for Addictions:

  • smoking
  • alcohol
  • obesity
  • balancing of the 5 human senses

Auricular Colourpuncture treatments for Burn-Out Syndrome:

  • Treatment of the symbol joint Atlas/Axis
  • Ear Crystalpuncture: limbic point/8th tooth in the ear
  • Rhythm of Chinese points around the ear

Auricular Colourpuncture for common complaints:

  • Hypertony ear/shadow ear
  • Hypotony ear/shadow ear
  • Sciatica ear/shadow ear
  • Allergy points ear/shadow ear
  • Rheumatic ear/shadow ear
  • Bladder inflammation ear

A follow up to this Auricular Colourpuncture Short Training Course (2 days) is Auricular Colourpuncture Part 2 ‘Shadows of Life’.

4 thoughts on “Auricular Colourpuncture Part 1: Cause-effect-consequence and 5 elements

  1. Hello Irina,
    A very happy, blessed and joyous New Year!
    I am so excited that you will be offering an Auricular Colourpuncture Course and I am definitely interested in Part 1 of the Course – please let me know how much it costs and when it will be run and I shall be there!
    With the best of wishes,
    Anoosh x

    1. Hi Anoosh,
      I’m excited too as this is going to be a great course! So much material is packed in it in an easy-to-follow sequence reflecting the structure of the main Professional Colourpuncture training in just 2 days (Part 1) and Part 2 will be about treating specific conditions with Auricular Colourpuncture. At the moment it looks that we are going to hold in in autumn 2015 in London (Part 1) but we might have a small group in Stockport too. Please let me know which location you will be interested in. Hope you are doing well and much looking forward to see you again.
      All the best,

  2. Hi Irina

    I have just found this information relating to auricular acupuncture and colour light …
    Have you already held it ? If so, are you planning another?

    Hope all well

    Jayne xx

    1. Hi Jayne.
      Auricular Colourpuncture training is currently planned for autumn 2015 (Part 1) and probably for winter 2016 for the Part 2. We hope to finalise the dates soon and I will surely let you know – would be great to reconnect! The training looks beautiful and I’m very much looking forward to the first group of Auricular Colourpuncturists.
      All the best wishes,

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