Auricular Colourpuncture Part 2: ‘Shadows of Life’

  • Introduction into shadow reflex zones
  • Spectral Colourpuncture, Soul-Spirit and Grey Colours Colourpuncture, IR-, UV-puncture and Point Induction therapy
  • Treatment of the senses via ‘Reflex zone of senses’ on the skullĀ (Point Induction and Soul-spirit Colourpuncture)
  • Introduction into the three levels of face reflecting Spirit (Mind), Soul and Body
  • The grid of the face
  • The center of power and ‘Ear/Shadow ear’ Reflex zone
  • Shadow ear reflex zone in degenerative diseases
  • Reflex zone of teeth in the ear’shadow ear with connection to 5 elements
  • The cone of power ear/shadow ear and a double cone principle
  • Anatomy of the ear
  • Map of Reflex zone Ear
  • Indications of 60 Auricular Acupuncture points used in Auricular Colourpuncture
  • Cone of power (Point Induction and Soul-spirit Colourpuncture)
  • Three levels of face reflected in three levels of Ear/Shadow Ear
  • The physical rhythm of Ear/Shadow ear (Point Induction and Soul-Spirit Colourpuncture)
  • The Soul (emotional) rhythm of Ear/Shadow ear (Point Induction and Soul-Spirit Colourpuncture)
  • The Spirit (Mind) rhythm of Ear/Shadow ear (Point Induction and Soul-Spirit Colourpuncture)
  • Zero point of Nogier, conflicts and Conflict Resolution
  • Zero point rhythm of Ear/Shadow Ear (Point Induction and Soul-Spirit Colourpuncture)
  • Lines of Ear geometry and Energy flow directions in the Shadow Ear
  • Rhythm of Energy flow directions in the Shadow Ear (Point Induction and Soul-Spirit Colourpuncture)
  • Numerological lines and points in Shadow ear Reflex Zone
  • Pain management in Shadow Ear Numerology (Infrared-puncture)
  • Auricular Numerology as a key to individual personality and for therapy resistance cases: Rhythms, Soul-Spirit and Grey Colourpuncture
  • Examples of Ear/Shadow Ear treatments with Esogetic numbers, 1 to 9 (Point Induction and Soul-Spirit Colourpuncture)
  • An overview of Ear/Shadow Ear treatments with Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture points
  • Treatment of Functional Circles Kidney/Bladder and Lung/Large Intestine (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment of Functional Circles Stomach, Pancreas, Spleen (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Adjunct treatment for Tinnitus (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for facial palsy (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Basic treatment for Migraine (Spectral and Soul-Spirit Colourpuncture)
  • Basic treatment for Headache (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for cervical (neck) headache (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for Vertex (crown) Headache (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for forehead (frontal) Headache (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • ‘Sleeping disorders I’ (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • ‘Sleeping disorders II’ (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for Sudden Hearing Loss/Vertigo (Dizziness) (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for Post – apoplectic syndrome (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for Gastralgia (Stomach pain) (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Overview of the point location for the Joints in the Ear: (InfraRed Colourpuncture)
  • Example of treatment ‘joint system in general plus selected joint’ (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for functional epigastric syndrome (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for Constipation (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for Meteorism in (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment of ulcer of stomach and duodenum (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for spasms in the intestines (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • ‘Lymph I’ and ‘Lymph II’ (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for Eczema (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for Pruritus (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for Bronchial Asthma (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for Arthrophic rhinitis (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for Allergic rhinitis (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for Hair Loss (Spectral Colourpuncture)
  • Treatment for General Circulation (Spectral Colourpuncture)

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