Colour Reflexology Part 1

Part 1:

  • Introduction to Colour reflexology by Peter Mandel
  • Esogetic model
  • Basics on colours, information and energy fields with regards to Colourpuncture
  • Easy basic application of coloured light on feet for different physical conditions
  • The body-soul-spirit lines on the sole of the foot
  • The solar plexus line
  • The esogetic cosmic clock of the heel
  • The esogetic cosmic clock of the feet
  • The esogetic law and principle of the ‘inverted human’
  • The new esogetic zones of the heel
  • The most important projections of the brain on the feet in Colour reflexology
  • Spine and joints in Colour reflexology
  • Esogetic projection of the spine on the foot
  • The colors of the ogran fields of foot reflex zone therapy
  • Prenatal lines and spine
  • The pain areas of the esogetic hand and foot clocks
  • Esogetic ellipses and meaning of the five toes in foot Colourpuncture
  • Treatment points within elliptical zones in foot Colourpuncture
  • The esogetic clocks of the hand, aspects and effective points
  • The esogetic clock of the feet, aspects and effective points

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    1. Dear Cyrese,
      Thank you for your interest in Reflexology Colourpuncture. Please let us know if you are interested in traditional ‘live’ training or an on-line training for therapists. We are based in the UK.
      Best regards,

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