Colour Reflexology Part 2

Part 2:

  • Esogetic color study on the reflex areas of the foot, the new esogetic reflex projections on the sole zones of heart, liver/gall bladder, large and small intestine, kidneys and bladder, pancreas, stomach, genitals, breasts
  • Areas of ‘defence’ in foot Colorpuncture
  • Other important areas of the sole
  • Projections of the spine and connection to organs
  • Explicit and implicit areas of the spine on the feet
  • The procedures for different therapies of Esogetic Colour reflexology
  • Examples of diagnosis from the feet according to Peter Mandel
  • Superior fields of the sole
  • The grey fields of the feet
  • The quadrants and their correlation with syndromes and symptoms
  • The five superior organ lines of the feet
  • The lines and the five elements on the sole
  • The 3×4 superior thythms points of life
  • Relation of syndromes and symptoms with the 3×4 rhythms points
  • The position of endocrine system, joints, central and autonomic nervous systems, organ system, lymphatic and immune system in Colour reflexology

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