Please contact us to find a therapist near you who is fully trained with the Colourpuncture Academy according to the program from the International Mandel Institute (we are in a process of updating the list  and adding more Colourpuncture therapists so please contact us meanwhile).

All therapists are independent practitioners and the Colourpuncture Academy is not responsible for their treatment decisions and practices.

Colourpuncture therapists currently registered with the Colourpuncture Academy  (in order of the Year of their Certification):

  • Dr Irina Kotlar (2007) Cheshire, London. Kirlian camera (Stockport). Details
  • Mrs Elisa Oliviera (2010) Barcelona, Spain. Details
  • Mr Evgeni Kotlar (2010) Cheshire, London. Kirlian camera (Stockport). Details
  • Mrs Vicky Micklem (2010) Oxford
  • Ms Charaka Danaher (2013) Carmarthen
  • Miss Ana Moreira da Silva (2014)